Ambush at Atlas


Date7th October 2023
SeasonSeason starting January 2023
EditionThird Edition
Format1 day, Singles, 4 games, 745 points.
LocationAtlas Tabletop Gaming, Gloucester
PackEvent Pack
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Beginner friendly Kings of War Ambush tournament at Atlas Tabletop Gaming in Gloucester Dock.


First Place Pete Wrench

Second Place Simon Tanner

Third Place Nick Davies

Counter Charger Ashley Thornton

1st Place Rookie Will Sutherland

2nd Place Rookie Jon Fletcher

3rd Place Rookie Matthew Burgess

Wooden Spoon Joe McLaren


Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 Pete Wrench Forces of the Abyss 3/0/1238079.9%72.00
2 Simon Tanner Riftforged Orcs 3/0/1242581.4%66.00
3 Nick Davies Varangur 2/2/0208069.8%60.00
4 Heath Barnes Orcs 3/0/1200567.3%54.00
5 Ashley Thornton Salamanders 2/1/1203268.2%48.00
6 Will Sutherland Abyssal Dwarfs 2/0/2187562.9%42.00
7 Jon Fletcher Undead 2/0/2150050.3%36.00
8 Alun Ryan-Ramirez Dwarfs 1/1/291030.5%30.00
9 Jerry Marshall Undead 1/0/3132044.3%24.00
10 Graham Fennell Northern Alliance 1/0/3111537.4%18.00
11 Matthew Burgess Nightstalkers 1/0/378526.3%12.00
12 Joe McLaren Dwarfs 1/0/356519%6.00