Christmas Cracker - A Kings of War Tournament


Date9th December 2023
SeasonSeason starting January 2023
EditionThird Edition
Format1 day, Singles, 3 games, 2300 points.
LocationEntoyment, Poole
PackEvent Pack
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Christmas is approaching, as is the end of the Kings of War season.

Do you fancy a final pre-Christmas tournament to get you in the festive mood?
Do you need a few more points to boost your Masters’ ranking?

Christmas Cracker is for you - a one day, 3 games, 2,300 point Kings of War tournament to be held at Entoyment: UUnit 2, Fleetsbridge Business Centre, Upton Rd, Poole, BH177AF on Saturday 9 December 2023.

Tickets re available from Entoyment at:


First Place Max Mayo-Dell

Second Place Andy Marshall

Third Place Mark Cunningham

Best Painted Max Mayo-Dell

Best Mantic Max Mayo-Dell

Most Bloodthirsty Danny Flash Graves

Best of the Rest Daniel Hayden

Second Best Painted Nigel Emsen

Newcomer Award Steve Graham

Youngest Player Marcus Midwinter

Wooden Spoon Dan Barham


Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 Max Mayo-Dell Northern Alliance 3/0/0595586.3%76.00
2 Andy Marshall Kingdoms of Men 3/0/0390056.5%71.25
3 Mark Cunningham Ratkin Slaves 2/0/1499072.3%66.50
4 Danny Flash Graves Ogres 2/0/1573583.1%61.75
5 Aaron Rankin Goblins 2/0/1450065.2%57.00
6 Paul Fox Ogres 2/0/1430062.3%52.25
7 David Fletcher Order of the Green Lady 2/0/1390556.6%47.50
8 Jon Gunns Abyssal Dwarfs with Nightstalkers allies 2/0/1410559.5%42.75
9 Daniel Hayden Ogres 1/0/2481069.7%38.00
10 Mark Dell Forces of the Abyss 1/0/2481069.7%33.25
11 Nigel Emsen Elves 1/0/2290542.1%28.50
12 Leo Midwinter Twilight Kin 1/0/2340549.3%23.75
13 Kendall McKenzie Forces of Nature 1/0/2196028.4%19.00
14 Steve Graham Sylvan Kin 1/0/2225532.7%14.25
15 Marcus Midwinter Dwarfs 0/0/3158022.9%9.50
16 Dan Barham Undead 0/0/3281040.7%4.75