A Very Clash at Kingston Weekend 1


Date15th July 2023
SeasonSeason starting January 2023
EditionThird Edition
Format2 day, Singles, 6 games, 2300 points.
LocationHull's Angels Wargaming Ltd, Hull



A Very Clash at Kingston Weekend 1 is a 2300 point, UK Ranked Kings of War event on the 15th - 16th July 2023.

Entry to the event is £45 which includes entry to the 2-day event with lunch provided on both days. please send
£45 (friends & family) via PayPal to ClashatkingstonUK@gmail.com - please leave your name in the notes section to
avoid confusion.

The venue is located at Hull's Angels Wargaming Ltd 4-5 Whitefriargate, Hull, England, HU1 2ER.

The street is pedestrian only and so we advise that armies and kit for the day is dropped off at the venue (we'll be there from 9am) before parking. The closest and cheapest car park is - APCOA Parking (UK) Limited, King William House, Market Place, HU1 1RS- 6 min walk from venue. £2.50 for 24hours with 611 spaces accepting card and cash payments.

Unfortunately, the venue does not cater for those with mobility needs as there is a large staircase to get to the first-floor venue and it does not have a working lift/stairlift.

Lunch will be provided at venues near to the event venue. The venue will be serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as snacks. Attendees may bring their own alcohol but will need to pay a £5 corkage fee to do so – please pay at the main desk of the venue.

We will be using the Companion living rulebook as well as the most up to date FAQ. Players have 55mins each on their clock for each game – please bring a chess clock or chess clock app.

Whilst players should bring fully painted and based armies, we all know what it’s like when grown-up life gets in the way and we have 1 unit which we just couldn’t get painted. Players will all score a bonus 5 points for having a fully painted and based army which will be entered as a ‘hard score’ as it is a binary condition as opposed to a subjective, granular scale.

Players will be asked to vote for the Hobby award (note that this does not have to mean best painted, as this also includes cool conversions, basing, display boards, objective markers, etc. etc.).

Players will also be appraised on their level of hobby work on their army by the host privately.

These scores will go towards the
Overall Hobby Award.

Players will also be asked to rate the sportsmanship of their opponent/the quality of their game – Know players is
the nicest gaming community I’ve ever been part of so this may be a tricky one, but I’d ask you to use your best
judgement. These will go towards the Most Sporting Award.

There will be a mildly organised pub crawl around the historic 'old town' for anyone who fancies it starting at 7:30,
hopefully giving people enough time to get some dinner, preen and beautify, etc.