Northern King Kon - Singles


Date25th November 2023
SeasonSeason starting January 2023
EditionThird Edition
Format1 day, Singles, 3 games, 2300 points.
LocationOssett War Memorial Community Centre, Ossett, Wakefield
PackEvent Pack
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The Northern Kings invite you to join them up in t'north for a full weekend of dice rolling and social antics.

A weekend event, held over two and a half days (24th to 26th November 2023) at The Ossett War Memorial Community Centre, Wakefield.

Kings of War singles - 9am to 6pm, 2300pts, 3 games


First Place James Mitchell

Second Place Tom Robinson

Third Place Richard Tomlinson

Best Army Steve H

Most Sporting Sharad Vora


Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 James Mitchell Elves 3/0/0572583%72.00
2 Tom Robinson Northern Alliance 3/0/0563581.7%66.00
3 Richard Tomlinson Order of the Green Lady 2/0/1535077.5%60.00
4 Steve H Nightstalkers 2/0/1435563.1%54.00
5 Dan Bailey Forces of Nature 1/1/1374054.2%48.00
6 Simon Cooper Empire of Dust 1/1/1350550.8%42.00
7 Simon Clifford Halflings 1/0/2380555.1%36.00
8 Sharad Vora Elves 1/0/2432062.6%30.00
9 Andrew Hoyland Ogres 1/0/2304044.1%24.00
10 Andrew Jones Dwarfs 1/0/2411059.6%18.00
11 Kieran Szifris Northern Alliance 0/1/2254036.8%12.00
12 Peter Swift Empire of Dust 0/1/2274539.8%6.00