Kings of Herts XII


Date15th October 2022
SeasonSeason starting January 2022
EditionThird Edition
Format1 day, Doubles, 3 games, 1000 points.
LocationAycliffe Drive Primary School, Hemel Hempstead



12th November
This will be the standard affair, at the school.


First Place Matt Gee

First Place Simon Brand

Second Place Chris Lynch

Third Place Dan King

Third Place Matt Hobday

2nd Best Hobbyist Matt Gee

2nd Best Individual/Unit Matt Gee

Best Team Name - Flyway to Hell Dan King

4th place Mark Cunningham

Best Individual/Unit Danny Flash Graves

Best Hobbyist Seb Reeves

3rd Best Individual/Unit Seb Reeves

Best Team Name - Flyway to Hell Matt Hobday

4th place Steven Pearce

3rd Best Hobbyist Mark Dell


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Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 Matt Gee Ogres 3/0/0497082.8%74.00
1 Simon Brand Forces of Nature 3/0/0497082.8%74.00
2 Chris Lynch Twilight Kin with Nightstalkers allies 3/0/0491581.9%68.71
3 Dan King Free Dwarfs 2/0/1495082.5%63.43
3 Matt Hobday Halflings 2/0/1495082.5%63.43
4 Mark Cunningham Ratkin Slaves 2/0/1284047.3%58.14
4 Steven Pearce Ratkin Slaves 2/0/1284047.3%58.14
5 Steve Evans Dwarfs 2/0/1412568.8%52.86
5 Ed Barnett Basileans 2/0/1412568.8%52.86
6 Ben Hart-Shea Sylvan Kin 2/0/1275045.8%47.57
6 Mat Green Goblins 2/0/1275045.8%47.57
7 Danny Flash Graves Free Dwarfs with Salamanders allies 1/1/1358059.7%42.29
8 Mark Dell Goblins 1/1/1368561.4%37.00
8 Max Mayo-Dell Ogres 1/1/1368561.4%37.00
9 Adam Dennis Order of the Brothermark 1/0/2412068.7%31.71
9 David Fletcher Order of the Green Lady 1/0/2412068.7%31.71
10 Jon Gunns Goblins 1/0/2303050.5%26.43
10 Andy Marshall Ogres 1/0/2303050.5%26.43
11 James Mitchell Sylvan Kin 1/0/2369061.5%21.14
11 Michael Smith Forces of Nature 1/0/2369061.5%21.14
12 Gavin Downey Nightstalkers 1/0/2320053.3%15.86
12 Rusty Shackleford Abyssal Dwarfs 1/0/2320053.3%15.86
13 Simon Brown Nightstalkers 0/0/3234039%10.57
13 Seb Reeves The League of Rhordia 0/0/3234039%10.57
14 Ian Whipp Varangur 0/0/3241040.2%5.29
14 Tony Ringrose Kingdoms of Men 0/0/3241040.2%5.29