Kings of Herts XI - CoK SE Qualifier


Date11th June 2022
SeasonSeason starting January 2022
EditionThird Edition
Format1 day, Singles, 3 games, 2000 points.
LocationAycliffe Drive Primary School, Hemel Hempstead



Kings of Herts XI - CoK SE Qualifier
11th June
This will be at the school and Mark is going to join us as a TO which will be awesome.


First Place Max Mayo-Dell

Second Place Michael Smith

Third Place Chris Lynch

1st Place Best General Max Mayo-Dell

2nd Place Best General Michael Smith

3rd Place Best General Chris Lynch

1st Place Best Army Chris Lynch

4th Place Best General Justin Gisby-Clark

South East Clash of Kings 2022 Qualifier Justin Gisby-Clark

2nd Place Best Army Ian Rodger

Best Individual Model/Unit Seb Reeves

3rd Place Best Army Ed Herzig

Sportsmanship Award Danny Flash Graves

Wooden Spoon Steve Evans


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Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 Max Mayo-Dell Ogres with Elves allies 3/0/0557592.9%82.00
2 Michael Smith Ratkin Slaves 3/0/0414069%78.27
3 Chris Lynch Elves 2/0/1555092.5%74.55
4 Justin Gisby-Clark Nightstalkers 2/0/1481580.3%70.82
5 Simon Brand Ratkin 2/0/1478079.7%67.09
6 Chris Smith Undead 2/0/1376562.8%63.36
7 Grant Alexander Nightstalkers 2/0/1410568.4%59.64
8 Ed Barnett Basileans 2/0/1388564.8%55.91
9 Ben Hart-Shea Sylvan Kin 2/0/1300550.1%52.18
10 Andrew Smith Goblins 2/0/1336556.1%48.45
11 Ian Rodger Empire of Dust 2/0/1337556.3%44.73
12 Steven Pearce Ogres 1/0/2312052%41.00
13 Seb Reeves The League of Rhordia 1/0/2228038%37.27
14 Mark Cunningham Ratkin Slaves 1/0/2382563.8%33.55
15 Andrew Hiskett Salamanders 1/0/2310551.8%29.82
16 Ed Herzig Forces of Nature 1/0/2241540.3%26.09
17 Robert Hutson Twilight Kin 1/0/2353558.9%22.36
18 Danny Flash Graves Forces of Nature 1/0/2209034.8%18.64
19 Rusty Shackleford Abyssal Dwarfs 1/0/2329054.8%14.91
20 Gavin Downey Nightstalkers 1/0/2277046.2%11.18
21 Ian Whipp Trident Realm of Neritica 0/0/3230538.4%7.45
22 Steve Evans Free Dwarfs 0/0/3254042.3%3.73