Kings of War Masters


Date5th February 2022
SeasonSeason starting January 2022
EditionThird Edition
Format2 day, Singles, 5 games, 2300 points, unranked.
LocationBattlefield Hobbies, Daventry
PackEvent Pack



Who will become the Kings of War Master?

Invitational event:
The following will be invited:
* The top 16 Ranked players
* The Best in Faction where the faction has scored over 200 points

If there are odd numbers or we are below a minimum number then we will go down the Rankings to invite others.

Who will be the best of the best.


First Place Tom Robinson

Second Place David Fletcher

Third Place Dan King

Best Army Chris Walsh

Sportsman Robert Aspland

Wooden Spoon Robert Aspland


Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 Tom Robinson The League of Rhordia 5/0/0899078.2%0.00
2 David Fletcher Order of the Green Lady 4/0/1743564.7%0.00
3 Dan King Undead 3/1/1861074.9%0.00
4 Chris Lynch Elves 3/1/1757565.9%0.00
5 Simon Brand Ratkin 3/1/1579050.3%0.00
6 Steve H Undead 3/1/1633055%0.00
7 Michael Smith Ratkin Slaves 3/1/1616053.6%0.00
8 Chris Walsh Trident Realm of Neritica with Nightstalkers allies 3/0/2717562.4%0.00
9 John Quayle Basileans 3/0/2825071.7%0.00
10 Robert Phipps Northern Alliance 3/0/2694560.4%0.00
11 Ed Herzig Empire of Dust 2/0/3775067.4%0.00
12 Nick Davies Varangur 2/0/3756565.8%0.00
13 Grant Alexander Twilight Kin 1/2/2716562.3%0.00
14 Andy Marshall Kingdoms of Men 2/0/3534546.5%0.00
15 Nick Williams Undead 1/2/2752065.4%0.00
16 John Gunns Goblins 2/0/3651056.6%0.00
17 Steven Pearson Salamanders 2/0/3556048.3%0.00
18 Matt Hobday Halflings 1/1/3676558.8%0.00
19 Rusty Shackleford Abyssal Dwarfs 1/1/3647056.3%0.00
20 Daniel Wolfgang Wright Dwarfs 1/0/4599052.1%0.00
21 Robert Hutson Free Dwarfs 1/1/3558548.6%0.00
22 Robert Aspland Free Dwarfs 0/0/5479541.7%0.00