Shroud of the Reaper - Clash of the Titans


Date3rd September 2022
SeasonSeason starting January 2022
EditionThird Edition
Format2 day, Singles, 5 games, 3000 points.
LocationFreemantle Hall, 51-75 Bexley High St, Bexley
PackEvent Pack



Date: 3rd to 4th September 2022
Days: 2 day
Rounds: 5
Points Level: 3000
Time on Clock: 75 minutes
Scoring System: King of Herts

Tickets are £ 40 (£ 35 if purchased in 2021) - now on sale, available either at the club or via PayPal (friends and family payment) to:

To avoid delay in the confirmation please note in payment ‘Shroud of the Reaper’ and your name as it should appear in the Rankings.

Freemantle Hall, 51-75 Bexley High St, Bexleyheath, Bexley, DA5 1AA


First Place John Quayle

Second Place Chris Lynch

Third Place Justin Gisby-Clark

Reaper Killer Chris Lynch

Reaper Protector Justin Gisby-Clark

Best Army Mark Dell

Soul Reaper Max Mayo-Dell

2nd rate Wooden Spooner Mick McKee

Best Reaper Seb Reeves

Wooden Spoon Seb Reeves


Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 John Quayle Empire of Dust 4/0/11035569%88.00
2 Chris Lynch Elves 4/0/11195579.7%83.11
3 Justin Gisby-Clark Nightstalkers 4/0/11062070.8%78.22
4 Ian Sturgess Order of the Green Lady with Elves allies 3/1/11063070.9%73.33
5 Richard Miles Riftforged Orcs 3/0/2932062.1%68.44
6 Matt Goody Empire of Dust 3/0/2988565.9%63.56
7 Robert Phipps Northern Alliance 3/0/21079071.9%58.67
8 Robert Hutson Dwarfs 3/0/2931462.1%53.78
9 Dave Randall Goblins 2/1/2846556.4%48.89
10 Todd Durkin Nightstalkers 2/1/2931062.1%44.00
11 Mark Cunningham Ratkin Slaves 2/1/2966564.4%39.11
12 Mark Dell The Herd 2/0/3922561.5%34.22
13 Max Mayo-Dell Ogres with Elves allies 2/0/31124074.9%29.33
14 Danny Flash Graves Forces of Nature 2/0/3931062.1%24.44
15 Chris Judd Ratkin 2/0/3825055%19.56
16 Steven Pearson Salamanders 1/0/41072571.5%14.67
17 Mick McKee Northern Alliance 1/0/4642042.8%9.78
18 Seb Reeves The League of Rhordia 0/0/5597539.8%4.89