Easter Beaster | |


Date8th August 2021
SeasonSeason starting November 2019
EditionThird Edition
Format1 day, Singles, 3 games, 2495 points.
LocationMoor Park Sports and Social Club, Preston
PackEvent Pack



Please ignore the 'online event' on the settings this is in person Kings of War V3 tournament food included in your 15 entry. Make your own Easter Beast stats be in the Tournament pack to play with 2495pt army list.

tickets as friends and family please on PayPal but priority will be given to those paid up on the Covid Cancelled EB from 2020.


Our Monster Tournament using V3 Kings of War, 3 games at 2495pt in a fun and relaxing venue with the Bar open from 10am (ISH) and a chance to claim one of the fantastic 'Bob Aspland' trophies.
Tournament pack will be out with a link in the discussion on the event asap but only changes are dates and times. Army List's will be expected on 1st Aug '21 to janice.stother@gmail.com.

Those who have booked previously and paid get priority for the 20 places from the list on the event page.


First Place Tom Robinson

Second Place Michael Yeung

Third Place Dan King

Most Sporting Darren Lamb

Best Beaster Max Bennett

Best Painted John Stanwixs


Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 Tom Robinson Northern Alliance 3/0/000%74.00
2 Michael Yeung Kingdoms of Men 2/1/000%68.71
3 Dan King Varangur 2/0/100%63.43
4 James Douglas Basileans 2/0/100%58.14
5 Alistair Vowles Undead 2/0/100%52.86
6 Robert Aspland Free Dwarfs 2/0/100%47.57
7 Barry Joyner Goblins 1/1/100%42.29
8 Darren Lamb Trident Realm of Neritica 1/0/100%37.00
9 Aythlan Crookes Empire of Dust 1/0/200%31.71
10 Max Bennett Elves 1/0/200%26.43
11 Andrew Laycock Elves 1/0/200%21.14
12 Nick Williams Orcs 1/0/200%15.86
13 John Stanwixs Ogres 1/0/200%10.57
14 Jan Stother Nightstalkers 0/0/300%5.29