Last Stand At The Long Tavern


Date5th April 2020
SeasonSeason starting November 2019
EditionThird Edition
Format1 day, Singles, 3 games, 2000 points.
LocationSt Swithuns Institute, Worcester



Hello all and welcome to Worcester's third kings of war tournament. Held on Sunday the 5 the of April 2020.

Ticket price
To be paid in person or sent via paypal to

Themed battlescapes

All of our battlescapes have been designed to hit the three key areas for a high quality gaming experience.

Asthetics - A thematic and cohesive board design all painted to a high quality that helps tell a visual story and immerse the player into a fantasy setting.

Tactical - Each board will offer a slightly different challenge in the form of scenary composition and terrain placement.

Playability - How easy a gaming board is to play on can greatly effect the enjoyment of any tabletop game. Every care has gone into prioritising the playability of each board whilst maintaining the visual appeal. For example all of our hills come with a handy leather template situated beneath them allowing players to remove the terrain piece and granting greater accucary during important combats if needed.