The End Times: A Clocks of War tournament


Date29th March 2020
SeasonSeason starting November 2019
EditionThird Edition
Format1 day, Clocks of War, 5 games, 1200 points.
LocationThe Outpost, Sheffield
PackEvent Pack



A Clocks of War tournament!

Five games at 1200 points with increasingly harsh time limits for each game. Start out with 25 minutes per player on the clock, gradually working down to just 15 minutes!

5 x 1200 point games
Increasingly tight game times
Held at The Outpost, Sheffield
Tickets cost 20
Food included
Trophies for top 3, best and 2nd best painted and most sporting, most time and least time taken.
Army lists must be submitted in advance

Event Pack:

Please note: new players are more than welcome at our events, however this event will be very tough for someone who is new to the game. We recommend attending a standard singles or doubles tournament first. If you're determined then there's nothing stopping you though!