King Beyond the Wall 6 "fall of the second age"


Date9th November 2019
SeasonSeason starting November 2019
EditionSecond Edition
Format1 day, Singles, 3 games, 2000 points.
LocationCommon Ground Games, Stirling, Scotland
PackEvent Pack



The King Beyond the Wall #KingsOfWar tournament is back for the last time, well the last time for the second edition rule set.
The question on everyone's mind will be can anyone beat our current undefeated champion or will Simon remain the undefeated King beyond the wall with a clean slate for the whole of second edition?

The date is going to be the Saturday the 9th of November.

The plan, as always, is to run three games over the course of the day the first one will kick off at ten with two hours of play taking us to 12 noon.
Then half an hour to get results in with lunch running from then (or when your game ends) till 1.30pm
The second game from 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Another half hour for result reporting, then the last game from 4pm to 6pm.
The three scenarios will be randomly determined on the day I'll get someone to roll for it at the time, this means no one can build for a specific scenario,
The Format Will be standard KoW rules with Clash of kings 2019
It will be 2000 point armies and all currant lists are allowed.
We will not be using siege rules at this time

Paypal for event payment is

If you can please send PayPal transactions as friends and family so PayPal don't take a cut that would be awesome thanks. (If it's your first event and you are not comfortable paying in that fashion cash on the day is fine.

Common Ground games has space for 40 players, however if there is another event on we may be limited again this time, it has a cafe facility with hot and cold drinks and a variety of food on offer (burgers, toasties, Panini etc.).
If enough people (18 or over) are interested we can get a deal on lunch with soup and sandwiches provided or pizza, the deal is usually 6 per person but I will need to confirm with Steve once we have final numbers,

Remember CCG also has a store selling many games and gaming products so bring along cash and support this awesome venue.

I will not be entering as a player this time but standing in as a spare if needed to even out the numbers, I will not be eligible for any prizes in the very unlikely event I place in the top three.

Tickets will be 12, as usual, it is still five pounds per player to hire the tables and five pounds to put towards the prizes, the rest pays for printing, travel, Spurtle etc.

A raffle will be held on the day, this is for two reasons;
Firstly, so that people who do not usually place well in the tournament have a chance of getting a prize.
Secondly, I do not make money by running these events, many TO's do and many tournaments are run as a for profit endeavour.
The prizes are bought by me and the money raised by the raffle sales is used to buy the next lot of prizes, any execs is basically to try and keep me being able to keep doing the events.

I will endeavour to get a participation prize for everyone again thus time.

Thanks and as always I look forward to seeing you all there.


First Place Simon Heaney

Second Place James Dunbar

Third Place Stewart Rae


Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 Simon Heaney Ratkin 3/0/076.00
2 James Dunbar Ratkin 3/0/071.25
3 Stewart Rae Orcs 2/0/166.50
4 Campbell Hardie Ogres 2/0/161.75
5 David Crowe Nature 2/0/157.00
6 Ian Howlett Ogres 2/0/152.25
7 Kevin McCusker Twilight Kin 1/1/147.50
8 Shane Heaney Elves 2/0/142.75
9 Craig Alexander Undead 1/1/138.00
10 Charlie Hardie Abyssal Dwarfs 1/0/233.25
11 George Halbert Brotherhood 1/0/228.50
12 Alan Mandelson The Herd 1/0/223.75
13 Duglas Watson Varangur 1/0/219.00
14 Andrew Devlin Orcs 1/0/214.25
15 Andy Meechan Undead 0/0/39.50
16 John Flood Night Stalkers 0/0/34.75