Masters 2019


Date7th December 2019
SeasonSeason starting November 2019
EditionSecond Edition
Format2 day, Singles, 5 games, 2000 points, unranked.
LocationSanctuary Gaming Centre, Sutton in Ashfield
PackEvent Pack



The Masters event is where the best of the best come together to slug it out and determine who is the ultimate champion!

This year, due to the upcoming release of Kings of War 3rd Edition, the Masters Committee have decided to bring forward the date of the Masters event and make it an open event for everyone. We intend this to be a celebration of 2nd edition and a fond farewell.

The event will be split in twain, with Masters qualifying players competing against each other and other attendees competing in a separate, simultaneous event termed “The Resters Tournament”.

Tickets cost £20 sent to

For full details, please consult the event pack:


First Place Tom Robinson

Second Place John Quayle

Third Place Elliot Morrish

UK Master 2019 Tom Robinson

Most Sporting Ed Herzig

Best Army Nick Davies


Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 Tom Robinson Undead 5/0/0701070.1%0.00
2 John Quayle Basileans 4/0/1685568.6%0.00
3 Elliot Morrish Basileans 3/1/1645564.6%0.00
4 Dan King Empire of Dust 3/1/1517051.7%0.00
5 Paul Fox Abyssals 3/0/2487048.7%0.00
6 Ian Sturgess Elves 3/0/2625062.5%0.00
7 Simon Heaney Trident Realm 3/0/2490049%0.00
8 Robert Phipps Abyssal Dwarfs 2/0/3627562.8%0.00
9 John Gunns Abyssals 2/0/3502050.2%0.00
10 Matt James Orcs with Goblins allies 2/0/3460046%0.00
11 Simon Cooper Abyssal Dwarfs 2/0/3546054.6%0.00
12 George Kirke Nightstalkers 2/0/3470547.1%0.00
13 Andy Marshall Nightstalkers 2/0/3372537.3%0.00
14 Sam Barker Orcs 2/0/3520052%0.00
15 Ed Herzig Trident Realm 0/1/4507550.8%0.00
16 Nick Davies Varangur 0/1/4350535.1%0.00