Kings of Herts @ Mantic FrantiCon 2020


Date7th March 2020
SeasonSeason starting November 2019
EditionThird Edition
Format1 day, Doubles, 3 games, 2000 points.
LocationDark Sphere Shepherd's Bush Megastore, London



As part of the Mantic FrantiCon 2020 weekender, Kings of Herts are once again running a Kings of War Doubles tournament on the Saturday (7th March). This event is being held at the Dark Sphere Megastore in Shepherdís Bush.

'Kings of Herts @ Mantic FrantiCon 2020' will be a three game, 2000pt tournament, using the Kings of War v3 ruleset and some event specific rulings. Historical armies might be allowed at this event, although we will need to evaluate that once the KoW v3 rulebook is released. The Tournament Pack (due out by December) will feature any applicable updates to historical units, in line with v3 adjustments.

Above all else, this event should be friendly and fun, valuing good sportsmanship, making it an ideal opportunity for those uninitiated in the ways of tournament play. Itís also a great arena to introduce new or younger players (10 years old or above), enabling them to learn the ropes in a less competitive environment. For veterans it provides a relaxed but engaging day, as an ideal warm up for Erit Bellum II (Kings of War Singles tournament) on the Sunday. Whomever your teammate may be, it promises to be a fun day for all!

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First Place Dan King

First Place Ed Herzig

Second Place Martin Radbourne

Second Place Richard Gill

Third Place David Ortega Hijano

Third Place Joaquin Bernabe Kantar

4th Place Best Generals Carlo Contrino

Bloodthirsty Award Marioalfiero Costagliola

Best Team Name ("Captain fun pants and the funky funk Pannithor collective") Danny Flash Graves

4th Place Best Generals Jude Cosgrove

1st Place Best Army Louis Cox-Brusseau

Bloodthirsty Award Salvatore Asaro

Sportsmanship Award Seb Reeves

Best Team Name ("Captain fun pants and the funky funk Pannithor collective") Mat Green

2nd Place Best Army, Best Individual Model/Unit Rusty Shackleford

Wooden Spoon Jake Salmonsmith


Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 Dan King Free Dwarfs 3/0/0411568.6%84.00
1 Ed Herzig Sylvan Kin 3/0/0411568.6%84.00
2 Richard Gill Nightstalkers 3/0/0431571.9%80.50
2 Martin Radbourne Nightstalkers 3/0/0431571.9%80.50
3 David Ortega Hijano Abyssal Dwarfs 3/0/0435072.5%77.00
3 Joaquin Bernabe Kantar Undead 3/0/0435072.5%77.00
4 Carlo Contrino Nightstalkers 2/0/1403567.3%73.50
4 Jude Cosgrove Kingdoms of Men 2/0/1403567.3%73.50
5 Louis Cox-Brusseau Northern Alliance 2/0/1502583.8%70.00
5 Josef Hrza Basileans 2/0/1502583.8%70.00
6 Grant Alexander Varangur 2/0/1411068.5%66.50
6 Mark Cunningham Ogres 2/0/1411068.5%66.50
7 Richard Luke Basileans 2/0/1373062.2%63.00
7 Luke Hayward Forces of Nature 2/0/1373062.2%63.00
8 Nick Williams Nightstalkers 2/0/1304050.7%59.50
8 Elliot Morrish Orcs 2/0/1304050.7%59.50
9 Alex Lover Goblins 2/0/1366561.1%56.00
9 Dominic Stavacre Goblins 2/0/1366561.1%56.00
10 Marioalfiero Costagliola Goblins 2/0/1508084.7%52.50
10 Salvatore Asaro Abyssal Dwarfs 2/0/1508084.7%52.50
11 Javier Ancizu Vergara Abyssal Dwarfs 1/2/0390065%49.00
11 Jorge Cuerva Nightstalkers 1/2/0390065%49.00
12 Nick Davies Ratkin 1/1/1356559.4%45.50
12 George Kirke Nightstalkers 1/1/1356559.4%45.50
13 Sven Bayliss Ogres 1/1/1359559.9%42.00
13 David Hetherington Basileans 1/1/1359559.9%42.00
14 Jacobo Rivera Perez Nightstalkers 1/1/1334555.8%38.50
14 Jesus Javier Moreno Parra Undead 1/1/1334555.8%38.50
15 Carlos De La Flor Orcs 1/0/2298549.8%35.00
15 Mario Pinos Quejido Nightstalkers 1/0/2298549.8%35.00
16 Seb Reeves Forces of Nature 1/0/2378063%31.50
16 Chris Lynch Sylvan Kin 1/0/2378063%31.50
17 Mat Green Kingdoms of Men 1/0/2292548.8%28.00
17 Danny Flash Graves Undead 1/0/2292548.8%28.00
18 Julian Booth Forces of the Abyss 1/0/2380563.4%24.50
18 Andrew Sales Free Dwarfs 1/0/2380563.4%24.50
19 Matthew Mountain Nightstalkers 1/0/2283547.3%21.00
19 Martin Garbino Ratkin 1/0/2283547.3%21.00
20 Rusty Shackleford Abyssal Dwarfs 1/0/2384064%17.50
20 Gavin Downey Nightstalkers 1/0/2384064%17.50
21 Andy Marshall Varangur 0/1/2239539.9%14.00
21 Jon Gunns The League of Rhordia 0/1/2239539.9%14.00
22 Ian Rodger Kingdoms of Men 0/0/3245040.8%10.50
22 William Rodger Ogres 0/0/3245040.8%10.50
23 Miguel Angel Santiago Forces of the Abyss 0/0/3251541.9%7.00
23 Raul Hilara Parra Empire of Dust 0/0/3251541.9%7.00
24 Jake Salmonsmith Orcs 0/0/3197032.8%3.50
24 Jake Salmonsmith Trident Realm of Neritica 0/0/3197032.8%0.00