Stane of Blood


Date25th January 2020
SeasonSeason starting November 2019
EditionThird Edition
Format1 day, Singles, 4 games, 1495 points.
LocationWoodmansterne Village Hall, Banstead



First stab at running an event in North Surrey/Greater London. Nice big venue with plenty of parking and close to a few Mainline Rail Stations.
Smaller games with an emphasis on providing a good playing experience in a light and airy venue.

Will be ranked if there are enough attendees. Current limit is 24 with room to expand if needed.

Details of tickets etc to be posted on the event Facebook group.
Updates to follow.


First Place John Gunns

Second Place Matt Gee

Third Place Grant Alexander

Runner up Third Place Ian Sturgess

2nd Best Army Martin Garbino

3rd Best Unit Chris Lynch

Best Army Daniel Read

2nd Best Unit Mat Green

3rd Best Army Daniel Graves

Best Unit Daniel Graves

Sports Elliot Baker


Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 John Gunns The League of Rhordia 4/0/082.00
2 Matt Gee Ogres 3/0/178.27
3 Grant Alexander Varangur 3/0/174.55
4 Ian Sturgess Sylvan Kin 3/0/170.82
5 Andy Marshall Varangur 3/0/167.09
6 Martin Garbino Ratkin 2/0/263.36
7 Paul Fox Empire of Dust 2/1/159.64
8 Chris Lynch Elves 2/1/155.91
9 Daniel Read Basileans 2/1/152.18
10 Mark Cunningham Northern Alliance 2/0/248.45
11 Robert Phipps Northern Alliance 2/0/244.73
12 Ben Hart-Shea Sylvan Kin 2/0/241.00
13 Mat Green Kingdoms of Men 2/0/237.27
14 Mick McKee Undead 2/0/233.55
15 Robert Hutson Dwarfs 2/0/229.82
16 Jonathan Faulkes Ogres 2/0/226.09
17 Jake Salmonsmith Orcs 1/0/322.36
18 Daniel Graves Undead 1/0/318.64
19 Seb Reeves Empire of Dust 1/0/314.91
20 Dave Randall Goblins 0/1/311.18
21 Nick Mole Elves 0/1/37.45
22 Elliot Baker Elves 0/0/43.73