Kings of Herts III


Date26th October 2019
SeasonSeason starting November 2018
EditionSecond Edition
Format1 day, Doubles, 3 games, 2000 points.
LocationAycliffe Drive Primary School, Hemel Hempstead



Kings of Herts III will be a three game, 2000pt tournament, using the Core rules, Clash Of Kings 2019 (CoK19) supplement, the latest FAQs and some event specific rulings. Historical armies are allowed at this event and the Tournament Pack features updates to various historical units, in line with CoK19 adjustments.

Above all else, this event should be friendly and fun, valuing good sportsmanship, making it an ideal opportunity for those uninitiated in the ways of tournament play. Itís also a great arena to introduce new or younger players, enabling them to learn the ropes in a less competitive environment. To these ends, children as young as 10 are invited to participate as one half of a team, if accompanied by an adult (16+ years). For veterans it provides a relaxed but engaging day. Whomever your teammate may be, it promises to be a fun day for all!

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