South West Clash


Date27th July 2019
SeasonSeason starting November 2018
EditionSecond Edition
Format2 day, Singles, 5 games, 2000 points.
LocationBristol Independent Gaming, Bristol
PackEvent Pack



Marshal your forces and sound the drums of war.

South West Clash is back for the third year in a row!South West Clash -27th/28th July 2019

Tickets just £25-now on sale, please send via paypal to: state the player’s name/names and the event 'South West Clash 2019 in the Paypal notes.)

LISTS TO BE SUBMITTED TO HUNGRYTROLL87@GMAIL.COMNO LATER THAN 23:59 ON 20/07/19 –(Players who submit their lists in time will receive an additional 5 TPs.)

The maximum value of an army is 1995 points.Army lists must comply with the amendments in the 2019 Clash of Kings book and may be chosen from the lists provided in the Kings of War Rulebook, Twilight Kin and Uncharted Empires. Units from Clash of Kings 2019 may be selected.

Weekend Time Table:

Day 1 –27th July

0900 –Registration
0930 -Game 1
11:20 –Game 2
13:00 - Lunch (Best Painted Voting)
14:00 -Game 3
15:50–Game 4

Day 2 –28th July

0930 –Venue opens
10:00 –Game 5
11:50 –Game 6
14:00–Awards Presentation


Each scenario will be drawn randomly at the start of the round by the Tournament Organiser or nominated player, the draw will apply to all games taking place that round.

Scoring System

The event will use the following scoring system, with VPs being the deciding factor between two players on the same number of tournament points.Tournament points will be awarded as follows
Win –15 Points
Draw –10 Points
Loss –5 Points
Then, modify your score according to the VP difference –

Points difference Highest VP modifier Lowest VP modifier
1600+ +5 -5
1200-1599 +4 -4
800-1159 +3 -3
400-799 +2 -2
100-399 +1 -1
0-99 0 0

Painting scores
Armies that are fully painted and based will receive an additional 10 tournament points, providing that the player using the army painted the models themselves.

In an attempt to keep the cost of admission to the event as low as possible, food will not be provided. However, there are places to purchase food within walking distance of the venue, as well as soft drinks and snacks served at the venue itself.

McDonalds, Emery Rd, Bath Rd, Bristol BS4 5PF
Subway, Bath Rd, Bristol BS4 5NG
Co-Op, 68 Broomhill Rd, Bristol BS4 4NZ

You are welcome to bring alcoholic beverages with you to the event, however please note that Bristol Independent Gaming prides itself on being a family friendly venue and so excessive unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification. Furthermore, attendees are encouraged to make use of the bins provided for empty drinks containers

Friday Night Bristol Independent Gaming is open on Friday evenings –if you are in Bristol the night before and want a game, be at the venue no later than 20:00! Pay and play is £4 and covers you for as many games as you can manage before we shut.Contact the venue to book a table: 01173293663


First Place Tom Robinson

Second Place Dan King

Third Place Elliot Morrish

Best Painted Robert Aspland


Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Placing Player Name Faction Win/Draw/Loss Pts Killed % Pts Killed Score List
1 Tom Robinson Abyssals 866586.7%84.00
2 Dan King Empire of Dust 648064.8%80.50
3 Elliot Morrish Basileans 614561.5%77.00
4 Ed Herzig Trident Realm 632563.3%73.50
5 Adam Padley Goblins 519051.9%70.00
6 Nick Davies Varangur 660066%66.50
7 Matt James Kingdoms of Men 766076.6%63.00
8 Dominic Stavacre Orcs 553555.4%59.50
9 Nick Williams Brotherhood with Basileans allies 578557.9%56.00
10 Kerry Dewsnap Nature 408540.9%52.50
11 Harris Dewsnap The League of Rhordia 491049.1%49.00
12 Dangerous Dave Varangur 511551.2%45.50
13 Richard Miles The Herd 474547.5%42.00
14 Steve Evans Nature 476047.6%38.50
15 George Kirke Nightstalkers 539554%35.00
16 Robert Aspland Twilight Kin 571057.1%31.50
17 John Gunns Abyssals 510051%28.00
18 Andy Marshall Nature 488048.8%24.50
19 Christopher Dwane Trident Realm 423542.4%21.00
20 Ed Barnett Ratkin 427042.7%17.50
21 Rusty Shackleford Abyssal Dwarfs 459546%14.00
22 Richard Massie Trident Realm 515051.5%10.50
23 Jan Stother The Herd 423042.3%7.00
24 Matthew Dewsnap Undead 273527.4%3.50