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The Leaderboard

Tournament Organisers submit the results of events that they run to the site and these results feed into the Leaderboard. This tracks player progress and ranks them based on their achievements throughout the year.

Each December marks the end of the current season and the start of the next. After the conclusion of each season, various end of year awards are given to players and the top 16 players for the season are invited to the UK Masters Event.

Leaderboards are also available for each Faction in the Kings of War game.

Top of each Faction is also invited to the UK Masters Event, if the Faction has scored over 200pts in the Season.

If a player has supported the UK KoW scene enough to gain the points to qualify for masters or best of faction, then that player has qualified for UK masters regardless of where that player lives.

Ranked Events

In order to be counted towards player rankings, events must meet various criterea. Events which don't meet these criterea can still be listed on the site and still have their results recorded, however any attending players will not score any points for the leaderboard.

The requirements for an event to be ranked are:

  • the event must be a singles or doubles event
  • a singles event must have at least 10 players
  • a doubles event must have at least 10 teams
  • fanmade army lists are not legal (event specific monsters, heroes etc are fine)
  • the event must be open to all* and not be invitational
  • mixed game events must not give bonuses in Kings of War games**

* with the exception of any specifically banned players (note: we are unaware of any players being banned from UK events so far).

** for example, a mixed Vanguard and KoW event cannot be ranked if the players earn bonuses in the KoW games, such as additional artefacts or re-rolls, depending on their performance in the Vanguard games.

No joint rankings, you must be able to split ties when you submit the results.

Ranking Calculations

Click here for a full explanation of the ranking calculations.

Masters Committee

The Masters Committee is a group of volunteers who maintain this website and organise the end of year UK Masters event. There are seven members on the commitee:

  • Gofur Hunter covering Scotland
  • Janice Stother covering North West England
  • Chris Cowburn covering North East England
  • Garry Sharp covering the Midlands
  • George Kirke covering West England & Wales
  • Matt Dewsnapp covering South West England
  • Mark Cunningham covering South East England

While each individual has a rough region to cover, all members will assist with any and all queries.

Our Role

The Masters Committee is responsible for:

  • managing and maintaining the KoWMasters website
  • setting requirements for ranked events
  • organising and running the UK Masters event
  • assistance and advice to event organisers
  • promotion of events via the committees Facebook and Twitter social media

Comp Packs and other in-event rules

The Masters Committee will never issue nor recommend any sort of comp packs for use within tournaments. Balancing suggestions and decisions are left strictly to Mantic's Rules Committee and the discretion of individual tournament organisers.

Masters Event

At the end of each season, the top 16 players, alongside the previous UK National Champion, are invited to the UK Masters tournament held around February each year. In the event that two or more of those invited is unable to attend or declines the invitational, the 17th top rated player is invited, then the 18th and so on until 16 spots are filled.

The winner of this event is crowned the UK National Champion for that season.

Note: Due to COVID restrictions limiting the number of in real life games the Season has been extended out to December 2021.

With the announcement from Mantic that the UK Clash of Kings 2020 has been cancelled, the UK Masters Committee has made the decision to extend the current season by 12 months.

This means that current season which started on 1st November 2019 will therefore be extended so that it ends on 31st December 2021. This will also mean that the end of season Masters event be pushed back to 2022.

We feel that it is unlikely that we can even hold a Masters event next year even if we were to proceed without changing the season dates.

The last thing we would want is for TO's to feel pressure to proceed with an event for the sake of ranking points when it is unsafe to do so.

We also discussed and weighed up alternatives such as Universal Battle but felt that they were unsuitable for a variety of reasons.

Therefore the simplest and best solution was to extend the season.

In the meantime stay safe and we'll see you when things return to normal

The UK Masters Committee